Can We Stop It With All Of This Harambe Nonsense?


Alright, first off, that guy is god damn squid if I’ve ever seen one. That cannot be real. There’s no way. Now as Lenny Kravitz said in Zoolander, “On to the important stuff”.  I’m tired of all of the Harambe jokes. Not because I’m some PC A-hole who can’t take a joke, but because these jokes are not funny. Seriously, not funny, at all. How long can you make jokes about a damn gorilla? I feel like the fact that people can make these jokes over and over and over again and still think they’re funny is a perfect example of why Hollywood has been so content with shoveling nothing but reboots and sequels down our collective throats for years now. It’s the safe bet! Make something that people recognize and they’ll flock to it like pigeons looking for scraps.

Thank god that new Ghostbusters failed. That movie didn’t need a reboot, or reimagining or whatever. Just a money grab. Now I’ve read there is going to be a reimaging of The Warriors film? WHY?  Why for fucks sake do we need to remake every single god damn great movie for modern times? Fucking create something original Hollywood.

You know what the best original movie I’ve seen in awhile is? Fucking Gravity, and that movie was only half decent! And it started this whole crazy with space movies for while (for the life of me, I’ll never understand how the didn’t have Matthew Mcconahay say “These girls keep getting older, I stay the same age” when he went into that wormhole thing, what an absolute missed opportunity that was).

But yeah back to that gorilla. It’s enough. That crap isn’t funny. “Dicks out for Harambe”was funny for like a second. Find something else internet.



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