Day Three and I’m Already Out of Ideas.


What the hell do I write about today? It’s hot as balls inside this apartment right now. Can’t get anything on the old TV antenna because these people live like cavemen. I want cake. Chocolate cake. Really badly. I wonder if I go out and buy a chocolate cake if i can finish it before my gf gets back. I bet I could. But that would require me to actually stand up, put on something besides sweatpants and then walk out the door. I already did that once today when I went and got lunch. FYI, Falafel from Trader Joe’s isn’t the best. And, I got paint on my hand walking back into the apartment so, yeah. That’s a lot of effort. So no cake. Maybe I can get some delivered? this in NYC, I bet I could get a live chicken delivered if I knew the right people.

Luckily for me, I know everyone. That’s sarcasm. I know like 20 people. Knowing people is overrated anyways.Just give me like 5 people who are constantly in my life and I’m set. 5 people is enough right? That’s a whole handful. literally. All five fingers. Finger licking good. Is it too early to start thinking about dinner? I want chicken, but not like fried chicken or chicken nuggets or anything like that. I want a whole heap of dark meat. I bet if you made  a restaurant that only sold dark meat it would do really well. Like when Elaine’s boss in Seinfeld  started that shop that only served muffin tops.

Of course a white man couldn’t start a restaurant that only served dark meat. Some over-sensitive SJW would create issues and make it a race thing. Or a sex thing. Or a gender thing. God those kids complain about a lot of things, don’t they?  You see those squids complain about people making harambe  jokes at Umass? What an absolute bunch of babies. They’re talking about a gorilla you fucking morons. Didn’t anyone over at the school think to themselves “Hmm, this stupid gorilla joke thing is completely getting out of hand, we should probably change our name”. No?  Well that’s your fucking problem. Either change the name of the group or deal with the jokes. Fucking Archer ( which is an amazing show by the way) stopped using the term ISIS  However, I do get it. You probably thought that this Harambe joke would be over in like two weeks. Didn’t want to change things up on account of one dead gorilla, right? Yeah fuck that gorilla.

And all of the unnecessary terms they’ve come up with? It’s way too fucking much. I can’t deal with it.

Seriously. I’m not getting into it.

Anyways it’s Friday. Go have fun




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