Former Enzyte Spokesman “Bob” found in Homeless Shelter Selling Shoes for Cocaine.


No just kidding. But would you really be surprised? Actors seem to fall harder than everyone else, and quite frankly, “Smiling Bob” is one guy I was sure would have kicked the bucket by now.

You think he regrets doing those commericals? He must, his IMDB page doesn’t even list the commericals under his work. In fact he has nothing listed but his height. And a “mini bio”. Poor guy. You’d think he would have gotten some type of work after Smiling Bob. Just goes to show how unforgiving Hollywood is. One minute you’re doing commericals for the #1 male enhancement pill in the country, the next minute you’re selling your shoes for cocaine in a homeless shelter in Los Venturas, presumably.

I’ve always wanted to visit a homless shelter. Not to live, but to go and listen to the people’s stories. Maybe it’s just cause the  school librarian was the only friend I had growing up till I was 15 , but I’ve always loved listiening to people tell stories. Add to the fact that I love fiction, and I think I could have a very enjoyable time visiting a homless shelter. Plus, they have free food, so it’s a total win win.

That was one reason I loved riding the bus in Chicago. It was filled with crazy homeless people and they all had their crazy stories. One guy said he once was the capatain of the Queens Navy. Another one said he trained, as he put it “Ugain Bolt”. That was a riot. He didn’t take too kindly to questions though. I had to dip before he started yelling at me. One of my friends had an absolutly amazing experience  with his homesless guy on a bus one time. The guy claimed to be a rapper and was shouting about moon men from Mars. My buddy claimed it was a pretty entertaining ride, and when we looked him up, it turned out the guy wasn’t lying about rapping!

Now see that’s the kind of celebrity I want to meet. Sharkula or Oprah. No inbetween. Sharkula because I think he’d be just a riot to be around, Oprah because if I played my cards right she might give me a new house. And then I could sell the new house. Of course Oprah wouldn’t just give me money, she’s too classy a woman to do such a thing. But maybe I could talk her into buying a house. That seems like a good use of my time.

Anyways here’s more Sharkula






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