Forget Clinton, Trump and the rest. Vote for the Parti Rhinoceros.

Now that the election has been called, I am looking forward to hearing from the Rhinos. past slogan, “govern the country as you would fry a small fish ” Look for , “Rhinoceros Party of Canada (1963–1993)” in Wikipedia for Rhino history.

Check these guys out. I don’t care that this ad was made in 1984. I don’t care that they’re not even American. And  I really don’t care that the party might not even exist anymore. This is the type of shape up we need in Washington. These are the people I need in Washington. A bunch of people who would be willing to go on national TV just to make fun of the entire process. I love it.

I’ve always wondered what I would do if I somehow were president. First thing I’d do is obviously take out Congress. Bunch of freeloaders, trying to line their pockets. Then I’d probably go on vacation since I imagine having every member of Congress covertly “taken out” (I’m assuming they wouldn’t listen to my first offer.) would be a pretty tall task. Then I’d probably get a bunch of days declared national holidays. January 1st, the Monday after the Superbowl, Batman day etc.

Then it would be time to get down to the important stuff. Erase term limits. Increase the presidential salary. Start a war. I’d actually probably start a bunch of wars. Small ones first then I’d build myself up. I could start off in Cuba, give it to like Disney or something. Of course, Castro would have to be kept alive to see it. So time is of the essence. I think I’d let North Korea stick around though. They’re fun. Like if a country could take on the personality of certain age groups I’m sure North Korea would be a tween.

Anyways , yeah vote for the Rhinoceros party.

And here’s a video of people in the civil war as dogs.


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