Alright, Shut It Down.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

Just shut it the hell down. We haven’t even reached the bye and I’m already sick of looking at the Jets. The play has been, for lack of a better word, putrid. You can’t get much worse than this. The defense is completely lost. The offense is completely lost. It’s a miracle these guys can even make their way to the stadium this team seems so lost, and that goes for the coaching staff as well.

Now I’m not one of those knuckleheads who is already calling for Todd Bowles job. That would be insane. You can’t fire a coach a year and a half into a new gig, especially if he’s a first-time head coach. He still learning, still trying to get a grasp of what the job entails. However, there are some worrying habits developing that he is going to have to shake off to have success in this league, the most obvious being his lack of in game adjustments. With most defensive minded coaches, a play could burn them and they would come up with something that would at least help limit the effectiveness of that play going forward mid drive. Not Todd Bowles. Teams again, and again seem go to the well against this Jets defense and they always to come up big.

Then there are the mystifying personal choices being made for this defense. Can someone please explain why Sheldon Richardson, a two hundred and ninety pound behemoth of a man is covering running backs coming out of the backfield? What’s next, is Revis going to start kicking field goals? Speaking of cornerbacks, Buster Skrine has  lived up to his namesake and has been a total bust as a starting corner this year and not to mention, over the last six seasons he’s been the second-most penalized player in the NFL. He needs to be put inside as a nickel back where he can cover the slot receiver and blitz. AND NOW WE FIND OUT GENO IS STARTING THIS SUNDAY??? Godamn it. Goddamn it Goddamn it Goddamn it. Alright, I need time to process this.

Alright. Now as I was going to say before the news Geno was going to start again broke, The defensive coaching is not the only issue here. Offensive coordinator Gaily’s reluctance to run the ball is extremely infuriating. Forte has shown he can produce when given the chance, but he’s not getting any chances. The most predictable offense is a one-dimensional offense, and that’s exactly what Gailey has done to this unit.

Of course, it is now a moot point with the news of Geno Smith starting but Ryan Fitzpatrick was not doing Chan Gailey any favors by locking on to Brandon Marshall the amount that he did. Maybe that has to do with the loss of Eric Decker for the season, but when you factor in Marshalls drops this year (he’s dropped 8.3 % of passes thrown his way this year. That’s the second-highest percentage in the NFL), Fitzpatrick’s lack of arm strength, as well as the aforementioned lack of a running game, you’re going to have a stagnate offense.

Finally, we have come to the biggest problem for the Jets this year, the secondary. Considering that The Jets have a head coach who played in the secondary for a Superbowl winning team, this unit’s play has really been a terrible disappointment. No one expected them to be the strength of the defense, but middle of the pack wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. Right now middle of the pack would be a major upgrade.  As mentioned above, Skrine is not a starting caliber corner in the NFL. Revis has lost a step. This is completely understandable, as that’s what happens when players get older, but with the safeties playing like they have no idea what is going on, Revis Island is now becoming a tourist destination for the league’s best wideouts.

So yeah, this Sunday seems like a last desperate grasp at trying to make something out of this season. If Geno falls flat on his face (which is basically a given at this point) expect the Jets to start third-stringer Bryce Petty as soon as they feel he is ready.

R.I.P in Peace Jets 2016-17, we hardly knew ye.

ct-bb-king-funeral-20150530 copy.jpg


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